22 Jan 2021

India At United Nations Clears It's Stand On Peace Between Nations

As per early reports coming in from United Nations where India at the United Nations has stated in a message that United Nations including UN Alliance of Civilizations should not take sides and as long as such selectivity exists, the world can never truly foster a culture of peace. 

We must stand united against the forces that supplant dialogue and peace with hatred and violence as stated by India at UN.

India while speaking on the issues of religion and sensitivity has reiterated that India's call for the application of the principles of objectivity, non-selectivity and impartiality to form the basis of discussions in the United Nations especially on the issue of religion as per India’s statement on explanation of the Country's position.

India has also reiterated that in world of growing terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization and intolerance, religious sites and cultural heritage sites remain vulnerable to terror acts and destruction.

India has been speaking all this at the the UN and had put its stand on adoption of Resolution on Promoting culture of peace and tolerance to safeguard religious sites, at UN.

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