22 Jan 2021

Is It A Start Of An Era Of Friendship Between India And America

As per latest reports coming in from the United States of America where in the history of America a first Indian American has been elected to  to serve as president or Vice President in United States of America.

Press Secretary in the US, on India-US relations has said that this is certainly a historic moment for all of us in this country and a further cementing of the importance of our relationship.

President Biden, who of course has visited India many times, respects and values the long bipartisan successful relationship between leaders in India and the United States. It looks forward to a continuation of that as per reports coming in from Press Secretary, the US, on India-US relations.

In terms of India it is said that this might begin an era of friendship between United States of America and India and this in turn will strengthen the ties between both the Nations.

According to citizens of the country this step by United States of America will strengthen the ties between both the countries and this in turn is reportedly a very good news for the Indians who are looking forward to H1B visa for working in the USA.

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