29 Jan 2021

#modi kayar hai: trending on social media and rakesh tikait said to hero.


there is big controversy is now happen in social media. where today top trending is #Modi kayar hai is trending on social media and people are start criticise the modi government and make farmers as a hero of nation. Social media users  are supporting  rakesh tikait and declare modi government as a villain on farm law.

#farmertikaitVsmodidakeit is top trending on twitter. where people declare modi as a dakeit in social media.

where many user show some memes on social media.a user says that "We are farmers and we are with rakesh tikait ji"

another user Anuj singh  wrote that "you can't defeat farmers. the whole nation is always stand with the farmers.

another user share the meme of rajnikant " kyun hilla dala na." 


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