29 Jan 2021

Siddharth anand is preparing for next movie with Prabhash after 'War' and 'Pathan'.


After the 'Bang-Bang' and 'war' action thriller movie Siddharth anand is set to make his new movie with the  'Bahubali' superstar prabhash. and for this movie siddharth anand was meat with prabhash in Hydrabad. where prabhash is intersted with the idea of siddharth and he say to siddharth we will meat after the script will fully prepared for the movie. and both meat is giving a sign that they will defenately do this movie. currently the work is going on the script.                                                                                                    

 and what type of story it will be and what the charcter of Prabhash in the movie it is not reveal yet   but both are a great and famous professionals in there work. where prabhash is a great superstar of south after bahubali and siddharth anand is a famous director for his movies like bang-bang and war. War had  relesed in cinema

2 oct 2019  and earn a lots of profit which more than 300 crore rupees. and the movie was blockbuster in the box office. now it will in future that  the siddharth anand next movie will create new record or not.

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