27 Feb 2021

Again raises corona patient in delhi, 256 new patient found in last 24 hours, 1 died

 Almost 10,906 people died in national captial due to corona virus disease. now corona case rate is 5.71% and death rate is 1.71%. now in delhi almost 550 sealed zone.

corona cases raises once again in national captial. According to latest figure 256 new patient raises in last 24 hours and 1 patient dead due to corona virus released by health department. and before this 220 new patient found in thursday due to corona virus.

According to report of Delhi government 62,768 new patient found in last 24 hours. now 1231 new active cases in delhi. in this time 574 patient treated at there home and 400 patient treatment is going on the hospital. and one patient is admit on covid care centre. almost 1,22,55,443 people tested in delhi till now.

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