24 Feb 2021

AIIMS Director Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine Will Lesson Mortality Rate

Reports have been coming in from AIIMS Director who have stated to media that COVID 19 vaccines will definitely prevent serious disease and therefore decease mortality as far as new (coronavirus) strain is concern.

According to AIIMS Director as per now currently we have vaccines which efficacy is 70%, 80%, 90% so even if there is a slight fall in efficacy it will still be effective.

According to AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria while he was speaking to ANI has said that as of now we don't need to worry but we need to monitor the situation closely.

Health Ministry is looking aggressively for all variants and make sure that none of them becomes totally new and our vaccines efficacy falls.

He also added that simultaneously, we have to keep changing the vaccines also to keep into account the new variants that are emerging.

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