24 Feb 2021

Prime Minister Modi Says That Country Is Progressing At A Faster Rate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his message to the nation has spoken on various reforms undertaken in Budget 2021-22. 

The Govt is going ahead with the mantra of 'Monetise and Modernise'. When Govt monetises, that space is filled by private sector of the country. 

According to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi private sector brings investment and best global practices with them.

This modernises other things and brings modernisation to the entire sector, rapid expansion of the sector and creation of new employment opportunities. 

It is important to monitor this to ensure that there is transparency in this process and rules are followed as per PM Narendra Modi

Government has no business to be in business.  I can understand the need of any public sector enterprise if it is fulfilling the needs of any sector and of any strategic importance. 

It is the responsibility of the govt to supply support country's enterprise and business but there is no need for govt to be in business as per PM Modi.

There was a different time when public sector enterprises were established and the needs were also different. 

Prime Minister further adds that there is always scope to reform the policy which was good 50-60 years ago. Now when we are bringing reform, our aim is to optimally utilise public money.

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