12 Feb 2021

India and China will back there soldiers

 in this issue both nation are agreed, defence minister share this information in Rajya Sabha.

Defence minister Rajnath singh on thursday introduced the nation that the army of india and china both are agreed to back there soldiers from the southern and nothern area of pangyong lake, in eastern ladakh.

a speech in Rajya Sabha given by the defence minister he clarify the negotiation where he says that chinese army will deploy near north area of lake in fingure-8 of eastern area and other side india will deploy its army in dhan singh thapa chowky near fingure-3. and in this process india is not lose any thing.

Root of controversy: chinese army deployed bunker and many development work they have done in the centre of fingur4 and fingure 8. and stop the indian army petroling ahead of fingure 4. indian army protest this incident and give a massive reply to him.

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