14 Feb 2021

India China face off : AK Antony said - surrender to China is to withdraw troops from Galvan Valley

Senior Congress leader and former Defense Minister AK Antony on Sunday alleged that the withdrawal of troops from the Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake area and creating a buffer zone is a surrender of India's rights. Antony also said in a press conference here that when India is facing many challenges along the border and there is war-like situation on two fronts, in such a small and insufficient increase in the defense budget is betrayal of the country.

The government had on Friday insisted that India is not inclined towards any territory in the agreement with China to withdraw troops from the Pangong Lake area of ​​East Ladakh. Antony said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is not giving proper priority to national security at a time when China is getting aggressive and terrorism is being encouraged by Pakistan.

He said that the retreat of the soldiers is good because it will reduce the tension but it should not be done at the cost of national security. Antony alleged, retreating troops from the Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake is a surrender. He said that it is like surrender because India has traditionally been controlling these areas.

Antony alleged, we are surrendering our rights. He underlined that even in the year 1962 there was no dispute about the Galvan Valley being an Indian territory. The former defense minister said, surrendering our land is to bring soldiers back and create a buffer zone.

He warned that the government is not understanding the importance of this withdrawal of soldiers and creating a buffer zone. Antony warned that at any time, China can make a coup to help Pakistan in Siachen.

He said, we want to know from this government that the situation of the entire India-China border will come before mid-April in the year 2020 and what is the government's plan in this regard. He said that the government should take the country and the public into confidence in restoring the status quo on the border. He said that the government should consult leaders of all political parties and take national security into consideration before taking such a decision.

Antony alleged that the government did not raise the defense budget to 'appease' China and give the message that it does not want the struggle. He alleged, in order to satisfy China, the government did not raise the budget and sent a message that we do not want a struggle with you. To appease China, we have agreed to withdraw troops on the terms of China.

The senior Congress leader said that the country is facing a serious challenge from China and Pakistan and the armed forces are demanding support and a significant increase in the defense budget. He said, but this year the budget has been increased marginally as compared to the revised defense budget of last year and it is just 1.48 percent.

Antony said, this is a betrayal of the country. The government did not accept the demand of our armed forces. The government is not giving proper attention to national security.

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