4 Feb 2021

Kishore biyani is resticted to trading on security market, for the insider trading

capital market regulator sebi restricted future retail group chairman kishore biyani  for one year on security market for the insider trading. it means he can't trade on share market for one year. so in the below we will understand that what is insider trading?

insider trading known as bhedia karobar in sebi business. to save the interest of investor capital market regulator sebi resticted  this insider insider trading there is a person who belong to top management of the organisation on the basis of internal information he buy and sell the share and earn profit illegaly from the organisation its called insider trading. in insider trading regulation  the information which should not to be public and someone is misusing this information for sell and buy share in sebi take strong action against these people for misusing this information. and ashok biyani is restricted on the market for this insider trading.

Basicly the top management have a information that the company in near future what will take decision and this decision will raise or decrease the value of share. and some one who belong to the top management of the company and he misuses this informtion to buy and sell share of company before company reveal in public its called insider trading. SEBI take strong action against the insider trading crime.

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