3 Feb 2021

movie trailer review: "the girl on the train" starring parineeti chopra


 movie "the girl on the train" starring parineeti chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kirti kulhari and Avinash tiwari. This movie is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta .and set to release on netflix on the date of 26 feb, 2021.

This movie is adaptation of Hollywood mystery-thriller film, "the girl on the train. The story revolves around a divorced lady, played by parineeti who fantasizes about a couple in their house, she see's from the train she travels in ,on a daily basis. 

on this trailer " here pareeniti chopra plays the role of mira kapoor who have a amenesia disorder. in this disorder human can't remember his past. in the trailer we see pareeniti everyday  look a husband and wife on the balcony when she pass from the train. and she feels that her past is also like that and she feel jealous by her one day she kill the wife which role is played by the aditi rao hydari in the greenwich forest.  aditi rao hydari  had murdered by parineeti and she forget that she kill her. kirti kulhari play the role of police and she investigate the whole murder mystry. and  for the investigation she reach to parineeti and ask questions about murder to pareeniti but she is unable to answer her question because she has amenesia disorder and in this disorder because of brain damage new memory can't created. and the whole movie in rounding on this point. 

so the trailer is so thrilling and when we look the trailer there is so much excitement occured because of this thriller trailer. in this trailer pareeniti perform a power pact performance. and pareeniti looks so intense in the trailer . and aditi looks litttle bit but she strongly prove her existance on the screen. kirti kulhari looks so much serious on her character.and she perform very well and she looks very strict cope on the trailer. so if the trailer is so horrible it means that movie will also print the diffrent image in the mind of audience. after the trailer audience have wait for the movie and it will intresting to see that like a trailer movie will also perform like that or not. 

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