3 Feb 2021

Who is rihana: know intreting facts about her who tweet on farmer protest

Rihana is a famous hollywood pop star. full name of rihana robin rihana fanty. she was born on 20 feb, 1988 at barbadosh. she is a barberian pop star, model and business women by profession.rihana was called by maker  ivan rogers in america for the recording at the age of 16. in 2005 rihana launched her first album 'music of the sun' .and less than one year she launched her another studio album 'a girl like me' in (2006) which rich on top five of  the billbord album chart.

international pop star rihana is also famous in india. in 2019 forbes gives top position to rihana on rechest musician. according to forbes she have 600 million dollar and in indian currency it is about to 4400 crore rupees. rihana have 100 million of followers on twitter. rihana is  on 4th rank on 100 most followed celebrity in twitter. she also gives big hits like 'Don't stop the music', 'Love the way you lie', 'umbrella' .

rihana is also a good actor as well as good singer. she highligthen on various hollywood movies like battle ship,and ocean's 8. rihana have own fashion brand. which name is fanty. rihana share a news on twitter and write "why we are not talk about it?" with this caption rihana also use #FarmerProtest. after this tweet she is in news. rihana always tweet on social issue.

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