5 Jul 2023

News About Death of Gurpatwant Singh Pannu In America Is False, Says Khalsa Today Chief

Pro-Khalistan terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has died in a road accident. This claim is being made on the social media site Twitter. It is claimed that he was killed in a road accident in America. 


Pannu is the advisor and spokesperson of the terrorist organization named Sikh for Justice, who spews venom against India. He had penetration in many countries. Pannu was underground for some time. He had also switched off the mobile so that his location could not be traced.

Even as reports and claims emerge on social media and by Twitterati, that Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has died in a road accident in the USA, there are counterclaims saying that this information is false.

According to the tweet of Sukhi Chahal, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Khalsa Today, “Regarding the news about the alleged car accident in my neighborhood in California and the death of SFJ Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, I would like to emphasize that the information is FAKE & FALSE. I kindly urge everyone to refrain from spreading this misinformation.”

Pannu is believed to be in hiding after three Khalistani terrorists – Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Avatar Singh Khanda & Paramjit Singh Panjwar (murdered in Lahore in Pakistan.) were killed in the last two months.

Pannu feared he might be killed

It is said that in the last 60 days, after the murder of Paramjit Singh Panjwad in Pakistan, then the death of Avtar Singh Khanda in London and the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada, Pannu has been fearing that he too might be killed.

Under the banner of the banned terrorist organization Sikh for Justice, he was running the Khalistan referendum campaign from America. Both Gurpatwant Pannu and Hardeep Singh Nijjar have been working together. 


Pannu has also conducted plebiscite regarding Khalistan in Australia and Canada. Nijjar used to run the Khalistan Tiger Force. Pannu and Nijjar joined hands in 2019 and were campaigning on their Khalistani agenda.

Nijjar later became the face of the SFJ and used to run pro-Khalistan campaigns in the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Surrey. Nijjar, who was the chairman of the KTF, was shot dead in the city of Surrey.

Pannu has been talking anti-India for a long time. He instigates Khalistan supporters by releasing one or the other video every day. He used to try to put pressure on Indian agencies by defaming them.

Recently, after the killing of Khalistan supporters, he also released a video blaming the officials of the Indian Embassy in Canada and America for this. This was his last threatening video.

Pannu is in contact with notorious terrorists


Pannu is a resident of Khankot in Amritsar. He was in touch with UK-based Babbar Khalsa International's Paramjit Singh Pamma, Canada-based KTF Chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar and International Sikh Youth Federation's Malkit Singh Fauji.

He has been instigating the gangsters and youth of Punjab to fight for a separate Khalistan country. He was declared a terrorist by the Union Home Ministry.

Sitting in America, Gurpatwant Pannu was running the Khalistani movement named 'Punjab Referendum 2020' for a long time. 

Pannu uses social media to connect Sikhs with the Khalistan campaign. He also used to fund to write Khalistani slogans.

Many such people were caught in Punjab, who, at the behest of Pannu, worked to incite the atmosphere by writing Khalistani slogans in government and public places.

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