5 Jul 2023

UP News: Protest Against SDM Jyoti Maurya After Her Alleged Video Goes Viral

UP's SDM officer Jyoti Maurya, who allegedly cheated on her husband, is also abusive. One such video is going viral in which SDM is heard abusing. Not only did she uses casteist words, but her arrogance is seen speaking in a threatening manner. Although this video is not confirmed by Media News 18. Nevertheless, the kind of language being heard in this video is unacceptable.

Protest against SDM in Bareilly

The alleged misdeeds of SDM are being protested all over Uttar Pradesh. Jyoti is also being trolled on social media. People are saying many types of things. Even after this, there is no visible reduction in the arrogance of this officer. 

Recently in Bareilly, Bhim Army submitted a memorandum to the police opposing SDM Jyoti Maurya. In which the Bhim Army has said that this woman is using caste-related abuses to her husband. Bhim Army has demanded to register a case.

After the video went viral, Bhim Army workers have started protesting against Jyoti Maurya. Bhim Army workers say that Jyoti Maurya, who is herself a PCS officer, has used casteist words against the Valmiki Samaj. Immediate action should be taken against this kind of mentality.

Police is investigating the video

UP police has started investigating this viral video. If the video turns out to be true, not only will a case be registered against SDM Jyoti Maurya, but legal action can also be taken against her. But before that it is necessary to check whether the woman speaking in the video is Jyoti Maurya or someone else. The picture is not clearly visible as the woman's face has been blurred.

Husband claims Jyoti wants to kill him

Alok Maurya, husband of SDM Jyoti Maurya, has alleged that his wife Jyoti wants to get him killed. Alok says that Jyoti is having an affair with the Home Guard Commandant. Due to which there is a conspiracy to remove him from the way. 

Alok says that he was married in 2010 and had two twin daughters in 2015. After this, in 2020, she came in contact with the Home Guard Commandant, since then there was a rift in our relationship.

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