4 Feb 2021

PM Modi inaugrated the centurial function of chura-chauri incident and says india has to never forget the incident


chura-chauri historical incident was happend during the freedom war of india. PM modi inaugrated the centurial function of chaura-chauri incident which started from thursday. PM modi also says that indian peoples have always remember this incident. because this incident not just incident but it is raise the voice in the ear of british government.                                                                                                                 

 and we should never forget this sacrifices of our martyr.they sacrifices there lives for the nation. and nation will never forget them's 2022 chura-chauri incident will complete its 100 years.PM modi also says that in this year india's 75th year of indian freedom also started.                                      

  PM modi also comment on budget and farmer issue PM says that in past government the budget was used balance sheet to earn votebank. but now our government has not impose the tax in any have a enormous role in indian strengthen. our government take this step to strenthen the mandis.we raise infrastrure fund for the rural development.

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