2 Feb 2021

Under Construction Two Storeyed Building Collapsed In Madurai Killing Three Labourers

Tamil Nadu: Three people died after a two-storeyed building collapsed in Madurai.

The workers were involved in putting up a reinforced framework with steel bars on a building under construction.

The accident occurred when the building which was under construction, when a temporary structure came crashing down on Monday afternoon, police said.

As per reports three workers were killed and three others injured when a steel shuttering structure put up for constructing a concrete roof for a building, collapsed on the busy West Vadampokki Street on Monday afternoon. 

However, the police has yet to ascertain the identity of the victims.  Police said that the owner had demolished a two-storey building and was in the process of re-constructing the building. 

As part of pouring concrete to construct the roof of the ground floor, the workers had put up shuttering structure with steel pipes and sheets. 

As per reports coming in from the police officials 6 labours were involved in the structuring of the building when this accident happened.  Police and rescue workers successfully rescued three workers.

The administration immediately came into action and investigations have been pressed n the police have registered the case against the owner of the building and the contractor who was involved in the construction.

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