8 Feb 2021

United Nations General Secretary States That UN Is Standing By India In Glacier Burst Incident

Latest reports have been coming in from the United Nations where United nation general secretary and spokesperson for United nation has said that United Nations is deeply saddened by the reported loss of life in the flash floods in Uttarakhand.

The United Nations stands ready to contribute to ongoing rescue and assistance efforts if necessary as per Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General.

Secretary-General is deeply saddened by reported loss of life and dozens missing following the glacier burst.

Dozens of people have gone missing following the glacier burst and subsequent flooding in Uttarakhand. The UN secretary general has expressed his deep condolences to families of victims and to people and Government of India.

The spokesperson for UN Secretary General also said that all possible help will be given to the people and the families who have lost their lives in these flash flood.

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