15 Mar 2021

Amir goes in incognito mode

Here's shocking news for Amir khan fans. He will be no more on social media from this day, Amir announced after getting lots of wishes and posts on his birthday.  He writes on his official Instagram and Twitter handle that “Thank you everyone for all the love and warmth of my birthday. My heart is full. Secondly, this is my last post on social media. Anyway, I’m very active Given that."

Amir added, “I decided to stop pretending. I will continue to communicate as before. In addition, AKP has created an official channel! So I and my movie will find future updates there. This is the official handle! @Akppl_official. There is always a lot of love."

Focusing more on his work and art, reasoned by Mr Perfectionist.

But all updates about his future projects will be available on his production banner’s official account.

Here we can consider that he decided to go in incognito mode and going to communicate through his acting.

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