25 Mar 2021

BJP Good Prospects In Winning Huge Majority:E Shreedharan

Latest reports have been coming in from BJP where BJP candidate and metro man Sreedharan have said that BJP has got very good prospects of winning number of seats according to me. 

It may be absolute majority or could be a sizeable number by which they'll be the kingmakers as per BJP's candidate and 'Metro Man' E Sreedharan with regard to Kerala Elections 2021.

According to E Sreedharan in an interview with ANI touching the feet of elders is the tradition of India. 

They (Left party) probably don't know it. This is a way of showing respect to elders. It is practised throughout India. 

Criticising it means Left govt have no regards for our traditions & culture as per E Sreedharan the Metro Man Of India with regard to Kerala epectiins 2021.

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