22 Mar 2021

India-Pakistan set for water sharing talks, signaling to ease tensions


On Tuesday, India and Pakistan will hold the first meeting in three years of a commission dealing with water rights on the Indus River, the two countries announced, signaling a wider resumption of diplomatic relations.

Two Indian officials said that the permanent Indus Commission is set to meet in New Delhi on March 23, under the Indus water Treaty of 1960. 

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhari, Pakistan's foreign ministry spokesperson confirmed that the talks will take place. He also added that the commission is expected to meet at least once a year under the water treaty that governs water usage on the Indus River and its tributaries that flow through two countries. 

The talks represent a thawing of bilateral relations, which have been frozen after a suicide bombing in Indian Kashmir in 2019, in which India blamed on Pakistan-based guerrillas, and India's decision later that year to strip Kashmir of its constitutional autonomy in order to bind it closer to India.

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