15 Mar 2021

know the connection between mamta banerjee's injury and elections


West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee once got the attention of media while she was campagning in Nandigram and got some injuries in her foot. but do you know that these are the tacts of Mamta Banerjee to win the elections. 

let me tell you that this is not the first time when Mamta Banerjee injured just before the elections. And this is the fact that, whenever she got injured she won any of the elections. 

Before this, Mamta Banerjee got injured for the three times and all three times she won the elections. now let me tell you about the Mamta Banerjee victory and injury connections. 

Mamta Banerjee's political carrier and the first attack 

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee started her career with Congress and became the General Secretary of state Mahila Congress in 1976.

First attack: 1980

This is the first time when she was attacked and the scenario  went in favour as she became the first female chief minister and the state was Bengal.

Second attack: 1998

Mamata was secondly attacked in 1980 as she was protesting with her supporters against the police department who was going to deconstruct the 70 houses of poor people. During protesting, she got hands with the police. Bitten and harassed by police, as she stated. Meanwhile, rumours were spread all over the state that "she was killed between clashes with the police"

Third attack: 2006

30 November 2006, this is the third time when she injured. She was protesting against the left government and support farmers by heading March on foot. Police also tried to stop her. After which Mamta reached the assembly directly and accused the policemen for assault. TMC MLAs also vandalized the assembly after Mamata's statement of assault.

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