3 Mar 2021

Unemployment Is High In India: Former PM Manmohan Singh

Latest reports happen coming in from ex Prime Minister and senior Congress leader Dr Manmohan Singh who has said that temporary measures by the Government of India and Reserve Bank to paper over the credit problems.

This can not blind us to the looming credit crisis ahead that could affect the small and medium sector as per Dr. Manmohan Singh.

According to former PM and Congress leader Dr Manmohan Singh at 'Pratheeksha 2030' yesterday has said that unemployment is high.

According to reports the informal sector is in shambles, a crisis precipitated by the ill-considered demonetisation decision taken in 2016.

In Kerala and many other states, public finances are in disarray with states having to resort to excessive borrowing.

This creates an intolerable burden on future budgets as per Former PM and Congress leader Dr Manmohan Singh.

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