22 May 2021

BJP Doing Image Management Along With Media: Kamalnath Congress Leader

Latest reports have been coming in from Congress in Madhya Pradesh where Congress leader Kamalnath in an media interface has said that BJP right now along with the media is busy in clearing their image management.

Kamal Nath, Congress, in Ujjain has said that, they (Govt) are not fighting with COVID but with criticism. Some journalists are also booked. 

According to Kamalnath the BJP's are busy in image mgmt, not COVID mgmt. Yesterday, I asked for info on bodies that arrived at crematoriums. 

They're lying to world and MP is example of it as per Kamal Nath, Congress, in Ujjain.

Kamalnath further adds that I've calculated myself, information of 26 districts were on newspaper and gathered information from rest of the districts. 

In March and April, 1,27,000 bodies reached in crematoriums. According to me, 80% of these are from COVID as per Kamal Nath, Congress, in Ujjain.

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