30 Jun 2021

Debate On Big Technology Present In Different Parts Of World Including India: EAM

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of External Affairs where External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar in an interview to ANI has said that debate on big technology is present in different parts of world including India. 

I think nobody denies forces of progress are taking us in directions of great benefit and is opening up new vistas which weren't imagined according to Dr. S Jaishankar, EAM.

I'm laying out the challenge in a way as a pro-technology person, someone who has seen some of its potential. 

But in democratic society we've to ask ourselves, big tech is there very visibly in my life. Where is the responsibility which comes with it?

The Minister further added that, Where is the accountability? This is again not an issue limited to India, they harvested our data as they do across the world. 

So you have, in a sense, opposite of American revolution - which is you have representation and no taxation according to EAM Dr S Jaishankar.

What happens when non-state players(come in)who in some ways are bigger than many states? These are serious questions that need to be debated.

They can’t be brushed under carpet saying that you can’t question them as you're attacking freedom of speech. It’s legitimate debate according to EAM.

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