5 Jul 2021

15 Year Old Girl Passes Away Due To Lack Of Ambulance And Strecher In Bihar

Latest reports have been coming in from Bihar Nalanda where the family of a 15 year old girl who died during the treatment of their daughter due to lack of strecher and ambulance.

According to recent reports coming in family of a 15-year-old girl alleges unavailability of stretcher, ambulance.

The family also alleged that lack of treatment followed her death at Sadar Hospital in Bihar Sharif, Nalanda.

Dr. Mahendra, Sadar Hospital in Bihar Sharif, Nalanda while speaking to ANI has said that treatment was given to her. The family didn't ask for a stretcher, they picked up her body and left. 

According to the Doctor for ambulance, we had referred her to another hospital. But the family refused. Both I and the on-duty doctor when she was admitted treated her properly. 

For the reason of stretcher it's possible that some other patient was on it, but the family didn't ask for it added Dr Mahendra Singh.

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