5 Jul 2021

25 Year Old Indian Boy Airlifted Today By Australian Government As Repatriation Gesture

Latest reports have been coming in from Melbourne where an Indian youth have been given arey adjuster by Australian government of facilitating his repatriation to India.

According to sources coming in a rare gesture by Indian and Australian Governments on request of Indian World Forum has facilitated the  repatriation of 25 yr old Arshdeep Singh from Melbourne. 

According to reports he's suffering from chronic renal failure and is being airlifted today. On his arrival, he'll be shifted to a Gurugram hospital 

I am speechless. I am very thankful to the Indian govt, Australian govt and doctors, who quickly started his treatment and informed me after his dialysis. 

After waiting for so many days, he is finally coming here for his further treatment.according to Inderjeet Kaur, Arshdeep's mother. 

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