10 Aug 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin Shared His Views At UNSC Meet

Latest reports have been coming in from Russian President Vladimir Putin who had speech at UNSC meet  on Monday.

According to reports coming and Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that to achieve real success in this area (maritime security).

The President further added that it's necessary to unite efforts of all interested states, as well as international orgs, regional structures - with central coordinating role of UN and Security Council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a UNSC meet on Monday has said that Russia stands for strict observance of key norms and principles of intsrnational law enshrined in UN Charter.

Such as respect for sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, resolution of disputes through dialogue according toVladimir Putin at UNSC meet.

Russia is doing a lot to preserve and strengthen international legal order in maritime security. Russia is ready to share its experience in anti-terrorist operations, crime prevention, detection and neutralisation of bandit formations, including in maritime area as said by Vladimir Putin at UNSC meet.

I thank our Indian friends for such a useful initiative in holding this meeting.

The President has said that I would like to wish India to continue to successfully fulfill the functions of the President of the United Nations Security Council this month according to Russian President Vladimir Putin at UNSC on Monday.

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