25 Nov 2021

15 Feet Oilve Ridley Depicts Turtle's Struggle Due To Plastic

Latest reports have been coming in from Bhubaneshwar where ANI has reported that a 15 feet olive ridley sea turtle using plastic has been intimated near seashore.

This has been installed by Manveer Singh.  This 15-feet Olive Ridley sea turtle using plastic has been the creation of Manveer Singh. 

According to the creator while speaking to ANI has said that the idea is to depict the crisis faced by turtles and sea animals due to plastic.

According to the Olive Ridley the turtle's belly is clogged with plastic. Despite mass nesting in Odisha, very few Ridley's survive.

Sea animals are vital to the ecosystem but their survival is at stake due to excessive use of plastics. 

In this plastic depiction of Olive Ridley, I have used everyday-use plastics collected from door-to-door according to Visual Artist Manveer Singh.

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