25 Nov 2021

Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana States Merger Of PCR In Police Station Have Reduced Response Time

Latest reports have been in coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where ANI through Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana has reported that there have been merger of PCR with police stations in the national capital.

According to the reports Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana in an interview has said that we have strengthened beat patrolling.  Another major step has been merger of PCR with police stations, resulting in reduced response time.

This particular change has brought about good results in street crime - snatching, though will take time to settle down: Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana

According to the reports from Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana, crime against women and children is our topmost priority. 

We have 6 DCPs, 8 ACPs, and 9 SHOs who are women- they have been placed in areas where women-related problems are anticipated. 

The approach is to treat such cases with expeditious attention according to Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana.

By 2025, hopefully, there will be 25% women in the Police force, right now it is 13%.

As per GoI Directive, 33% of women should be there in the police force, so we are working on it according to Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana.

He further added that farmers' agitation underway for a long time. Before my joining, 7 cases were lodged particularly on Republic Day incident and some were lodged afterwards. 

We have investigated those cases, they're charge-sheeted as per Delhi CP Rakesh Asthana on cases in view of farmers' agitation.

We're committed to maintaining law and order.There's an agreement (with farmers), we'll work on it. 

But in no case will law and order be allowed to be disturbed. Nobody is objecting to democratic protest according to Delhi CP on farmers' tractors march during upcoming Parliament session.

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