14 Jan 2022

Person In Jharkhand Recovers From Paralysis After Taking Covidshield Shot

A major incidence has occurred in Jharkhand where one person who has been bedridden for over 4 years due to paralysis has recovered because of the covidshield injection he was given.

According to reports coming in from Jharkhand where Dularchand from Salgadih village in Bokaro who was bedridden for about 4 years due to paralysis claims to have recovered after taking a Covishield dose. 

As per Dularchand he is glad to have taken this vaccine. There is movement in my legs since taking the vaccine on January 4, he claims.

According to Dr Jitendra Kumar, Civil Surgeon, Bokaro says that he is amazed to see this.

According to Dr Jitendra Kumar, Civil Surgeon it needs to be ascertained by scientists. Had he recovered from medical condition not more than some days old it was understood.

But recovering suddenly from a 4-yr-old medical condition after taking vaccine is unbelievable.

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