14 Jan 2022

Wardha, Maharashtra Police Recovers Skull And Bones Of Foetuses From Biogas Plant

Latest reports have been coming in from the economic state of the country Maharashtra where an investigation in illegal abortion have led to the discovery of major crime in Wardha, Maharashtra.

According to latest reports coming in from Wardha Maharashtra where police have recovered 11 skulls and 54 bones of fetuses.

As per reports police have recovered these skull and bones of foetuses in biogas plant of a private hospital in Arvi, Wardha.

According to reports these were found former biogas plant of a private hospital during the investigation of a separate case of illegal abortion. 

Sub-Inspector Jyotsna Giri while speaking to ANI has said that the Hospital director Rekha Kadam and one of her associates were arrested.  And the palace has been looking after the matter investigation have started for the recovery of the skull and bones of foetuses.

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