10 Mar 2022

Any Change In Election Process Will Need A Change In Constitution: Chief Election Commissioner

Latest reports have been coming in from Election Commission where Chief Election Commission spoke to ANI regarding election process in the country.

According to the reports Sushil Chandra, Chief Election Commissioner has said that the counting of votes is a transparent process. There is a standard operating procedure under which we conduct the counting. 

Authorised polling agents of the political parties are allowed to come inside the counting centre added Sushil Chandra, Chief Election Commissioner.

He has further stated that there is no question of EVM tampering. EVMs are continuously used since 2004, in 2019 we have started using VVPAT at every polling booth. 

EVMs are sealed in the presence of political party agents according to Sushil Chandra, Chief Election Commissioner while speaking to ANI.

He has further stated that the questions raised on an EVMs in Varanasi was meant for training purpose. 

The ADM's mistake was that he did not inform political parties about the movement of EVMs for training purposes as per standard operating procedure according to Sushil Chandra, Chief Election Commissioner.

He has stated that when questions were raised by some parties, we showed them no. displayed on that EVM. It didn't match with EVMs that were sealed and kept in the strong room for counting. 

They were satisfied after this. No EVM on which votes are cast can be taken out from the strong room as per CEC.

During the ban on election rallies due to the Omicron wave, EC took MCC violations seriously. Around 2,270 FIRs were filed for violation of COVID norms as well as MCC violations in all 5 states. 

Every political party is the same for EC according to Sushil Chandra, Chief Election Commissioner.

 Chief Election Commissioner further stated that know your candidate' App was a successful initiative by EC. 

Supreme Court had decided that people with criminal backgrounds should be known to the voters. So, we created this app and out of 6,900 candidates, more than 1,600 were with a criminal background as per CEC Sushil Chandra.

31,000 new polling booths were created for the Assembly polls. We created 1,900 polling booths that were run by women and large women participation was seen due to this. 

In 4 out of 5 states, the percentage of female voters were higher than that of male voters as per CEC Sushil Chandra.

One Nation One Election is a good suggestion but this needs a change in the Constitution. 

The Election Commission is fully geared up and is capable of holding all the elections simultaneously. We are ready to hold elections only once in 5 years according to CEC Sushil Chandra while speaking to ANI.

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