24 Mar 2022

Scuffle Breaks Out Between Police Forces And Kerala's UDF MPs

Latest reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where a scuffle breaks out between police forces and Kerala's UDF MPs.

According to the reports the scuffle took place while they were protesting at Vijay Chowk against Kerala's K-Silver line project.

As per reports by KC Venugopal of Congressas stated by him is K-Silver line is a project proposed by Kerala govt is anti-people. 

Most people are in fear of eviction. Kerala is an economically fragile state.  

According to the leader this is not an economically viable project. Now CM (Pinarayi Vijayan) is going to meet the PM to get a sanctionas reported by KC Venugopal, Congress. 

The leader further added that we are seeking the PM to see the concern of the people of Kerala and to try to stop the CM of Kerala. 

There's a feeling that CPI(M) and BJP will be together in this project and that the PM will give consent as reported by KC Venugopal, Congress.

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