26 May 2022

I'm Challenging Owaisi That We'll Dig All Mosques In State: Telangana BJP Chief Bandi SK

Latest reports have been coming in from Telangana BJP chief Bandi SK who has given a statement with the recent Mosque and Temple dispute.

According to reports coming in Telangana BJP Chief while speaking to media has said that wherever mosque premises are excavated, Shivalingas are found. 

According to the reports coming in the BJP Chief has further stated that I'm challenging Owaisi that we'll dig all mosques in state. If dead bodies recovered, you (Muslims)claim it.

If Shivam (Shivalinga) is found,hand it over to us.Will you accept it? This has been stated by Telangana BJP chief Bandi SK.

According to the BJP Chief Bandi SK if 'Rama Rajya' comes, we will completely ban Urdu language. 

He has further stated that in the country wherever bomb blasts take place, it's because Madrasas have become the training centers for terrorists. We should identify them according to Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

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