26 May 2022

Lizard Found In An Order Of Mac Donald In Ahmedabad, Reports The Case For FIR

Latest reports have been coming in from Ahmedabad where ANI has reported that a serious complaint has occurred in the McDonald's outlet as it is reported that a lizard was found in a customers food.

According to the reports coming in a lizard was found in my soft drink at a McDonald's outlet. Area Manager laughed over complaint and told us that he'll check (CCTV)cameras. 

He didn't return, meanwhile, order continues. When we pressed them to take action,they offered to return bill amount as stated by B Joshi while he was speaking to ANI.

According to the reports coming in from Ahmedabad, Gujarat where B Joshi has stated that the Area Manager also threatened us to call police if we didn't leave the outlet. 

We then lodged a complaint with the food and drugs department who inspected and sealed the outlet according to Bhargav Joshi further while he added his statement on the Mac Donald issue.

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