25 Jun 2022

7 Aborted Fetuses Found In Canister In Karnataka, Probe Ordered

In a shocking incident, seven fossil remains were found in a pot on the outskirts of Moodalagi village in Karnataka state, Belagavi on Friday, he told police.
The Department of Health has ordered an investigation into the incident.

Residents of the area found the fetuses near a bus stop in the town of Makalagi in the Belagavi district and reported them to the police. After receiving information, visiting police inspected the area.

"Seven embryos were found in a bin. A five-month-old fetus was found to have had sex with a baby and killed. A team of officials would be formed and investigated immediately after notifying the district authorities," said Dr Mahesh Koni, regional health and family member. The Welfare Officer told the media here.

"The fetuses found were kept in a hospital and then brought to the Regional Science Center for testing."

A police case has been registered in this regard. Further investigations are ongoing.

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