18 Jun 2022

Agnipath: KCR Suspects Protester's Death Center, Promises Family Assistance!

Expressing shock at the death of a man during a protest against the Agnipath defense program, Telangana Prime Minister K Chandrashekar Rao announced the ₹ 25 lakh donation to his family.
19-year-old Rakesh was killed in Telangana in Secunderabad yesterday when police opened fire on a train that set fire to trains during a protest against a new recruiting system.

More than a dozen were injured.

The Prime Minister expressed shock and sadness at the death of Rakesh, a Warangal, who was shot dead by railway police, his office said.

The Prime Minister's Office has also announced that financial assistance of ₹ 25 lakhs will be paid to the man's family and one of his family members will get a government job.

The Prime Minister blamed the centre's "wrong policies" on the death of a child and stressed that the country's government would protect Telangana children.
Telangana is one of several districts where protests have erupted a few days ago after the center announced Agnipath's plan to recruit security forces.

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