23 Jun 2022

Delhi Lt Governor Appoints Deputy Secretary to Arvind Kejriwal's Office for Corruption!

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena on Wednesday ordered the suspension of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and two sub-magistrates (SDMs) on corruption charges.
Prakash Chandra Thakur has been appointed deputy secretary to the office of the prime minister, Vasant Vihar SDM Harshit Jain, while Vivek Vihar SDM Devender Sharma has been suspended and sentenced to life in prison, according to an official statement.

Lieutenant Governor on Monday re-appointed two Delhi Development Authority (DDA) engineers' engineers after finding malfunctioning in the EWS apartments in Kalkaji Extension.

Last week, LG chaired a state-of-the-art law and order review of the national capital, where, it reported on the current state of law and order, analysis of crime data, preventive measures, major challenges, changes or plans made by the Delhi Police Commissioner.

Lt. The Governor commended the Delhi Police action especially for the separation of law and order from the investigation and compilation of PCR at Police Station level, women's safety efforts, YUVA skills training etc.

He emphasized the need to ensure that cases are investigated in a timely manner and with a special focus on the collection of scientific evidence thereby enhancing sentencing as well as strengthening law enforcement outcomes.

While emphasizing the importance of community engagement and community policing, Lt Governor emphasized on community dialogue in areas to address community grievances.

Lt. The Governor also emphasized the regular training of police officers to improve their soft skills. He emphasized on improving social security systems for police officers, including resolving outstanding pension and gratuity issues.

Mr Saxena also advised the Delhi Police Housing Corporation to re-strengthen to improve police satisfaction with accommodation.

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