12 Jun 2022

IAF Plans To Build 96 Fighter Jets In India

The Indian Air Force has plans to acquire 114 Multirole Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) under the 'Buy Global and Make in India' program where Indian companies will be allowed to deal with a foreign supplier.

According to the reports after the first 18 planes are imported, the next 36 planes will be built in the country and payments will be paid in part for foreign currency and Indian currency.

The last 60 flights will be a huge burden on our Indian partners and the government will pay with only Indian money.

Payment in Indian currency will help marketers access ‘Make-in-India’ content of more than 60 per cent of the project.

Manufacturers of aircraft around the world including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Saab, MiG, Irkut Corporation and Dassault Aviation are expected to participate in the tender.

The IAF is also looking at an affordable solution to its need for fighter jets as it seeks a low-cost aircraft and provides more power in the service, sources said.

The IAF is very pleased with the performance of the Rafale fighter jets and seeks the same power in its future aircraft.

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