14 Jul 2022

5 arrested for creating fake passport for Sidhu Moose Wala Killing Conspiracy

Police have arrested five people, including a woman, for allegedly helping Lawrence Bishnoi's nephew procure a fake passport, officials said on Wednesday.
According to the police, the accused helped Sachin Thapan and other gangsters to get fake passports. Thapan, a nephew of Bisnoi, was allegedly involved in the conspiracy to murder Punjabi singer Siddu Moosewal. He later fled the country.

Anmol Bishnoi and Sachin Thapan planned the murder of Moosewala. They hired the gunmen, provided them with equipment and later fled the country using fake passports, police said.

The accused have been identified as Rahul Sarkar, 27, Arjit Kumar, 55, Navneet Prajapati, 33, Somnath Prajapati, 33, and a 27-year-old woman, they said.

On July 4, the police received a tip-off regarding the movement of Sarkar, who was in touch with members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. A trap was set near the Saket metro station to catch him.

As officers waited, a car was spotted near the bridge and its driver was signaled to stop, but sped up and attempted to flee.

However, the driver, Sarkar, was caught and arrested, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Benita Mary Jaiker said.

In his case, his other accomplices Kumar, Navneet, Somnath and a woman were also arrested, the DCP said.

During interrogation, Sarkar revealed that he was in touch with criminals, especially members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. He helped Thapan get a fake passport with forged documents, made in the name of one Tilak Raj Toteja, a resident of Sangam Vihar, the police said.

Each member of the gang played a key role in forging passports or procuring false documents, it was revealed.

Arjit Kumar asked Rahul to get an Indian passport made with a fake ID. According to the police, they charged ₹1.5 million per passport.

Sarkar used his own address in making the fake passport.

About a year ago, Sarkar got a fake voter ID and Aadhaar card in the name of one Tilak Raj Totej from a man named Navneet, who ran an Aadhaar center in Tughlaqabad Extension and is also Somnath's uncle, they said.

Toteja was the previous owner of the property, which is currently held by Sarkar's family. The fact that the electricity bill was still coming in Toteja's name gave Sarkar the idea to use his ID, police said.

Sarkar had known Navneet for the past five years as he used to send clients to his center for routine Aadhaar-related work, they said.

Sarkar approached Navneet seven months ago with an offer to prepare another Aadhaar in Toteja's name and offered him ₹15,000. Sarkar has already obtained a voter card in Toteja's name, they said.

An agent from Gujarat introduced Arjit Kumar to one Deep Siddhu, who introduced himself as a resident of Ukraine. He contacted Kumar, who called him on WhatsApp using an international mobile phone number, police said.

Siddhu provided four photographs to Kumar and approached him to get several fake passports, including one for Thapan.

As per the agreement, ₹1.70 lakh was fixed for each passport. Later, Kumar approached Sarkar and produced four fake passports, including that of Thapan, based on fake identity cards, they said.

Somnath came to Delhi in 2018 and lived in Navneet's maternal uncle's house in Tughlakabad Extension.

On Navneet's instructions, seven months ago he filled an online form and completed the biometric process for Sarkar based on Totej's voter ID card, which police say is fake.

The woman was in contact with Kumar and Sarkar, both. She was the link between them, they said.

Police added that they have recovered one pistol with two live cartridges, two laptops, four mobile phones, one Wifi dongle and biometric devices used at the time of Aadhaar card making etc.

Delhi Police said on Saturday that one of the key conspirators in Moosewala's killing had fled India more than a month before the incident.

Moosewala was shot dead in Punjab's Mansa district on May 29.

The Delhi Police has so far arrested five people in connection with the case.

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