8 Jul 2022

"Hindus of Our Ancestors": Assam's Badruddin Ajmal

Assam Member of Parliament Lok Sabha and All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) official Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, who is also the president of the Assam State Jamiat Ulama (ASJU) - the highest body of leading Muslim scholarly organizations under the Deobandi School of thought in India - on Thursday also urged Muslims in Assam not to slaughter cattle this week for Eid-ul-Adha, "respecting the feelings" of Hindus.
"There are few in the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) who want to end Hinduism by trying to make Hindu Raj. Hindu Raj will not be real even in their dreams. They will not break the unity between Muslims and Hindus in this country. "Our ancestors were all Hindus. They came to Islam because it has special qualities. That is respect for the feelings of other religions," Mr Ajmal said. he told reporters in Guwahati.

Earlier, in a statement, Mr Ajmal said that performing 'Qurbani' or sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha, which will be celebrated on Sunday, is an important task for Muslims who can afford a culture that allows the slaughter of such animals. camels, goats, buffalo, sheep and cattle.

"However, India is a country of diverse peoples, ethnic groups and religions. The majority of Indians believe in the Satanism, which treats cattle as a sacred animal," he said.

He also called on the people to respect the Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 2021, which was passed last year prohibiting the sale or supply of beef or beef products in any "predominantly" populated area by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and other "non-beef" animals. -orating communities ".

Commenting on the controversy over the words of Nupur Sharma who was a BJP spokesman for Prophet Muhammad and the horrific assassination in response, Mr Ajmal said, "Muslims should not respond. Instead, they should pray that God will give a brain to people like Nupur Sharma.

AIUDF official also denied that the party could vote for BJP candidate Droupadi Murmu in the presidential election.

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