8 Jul 2022

In Kali Row, Trinamool's Mahua Moitra says "BJP Not Custodian Of God"

Trinamool Congress member Mahua Moitra, who was facing a BJP lawsuit over his recent controversial remarks about the goddess Kali, said the saffron group was not a guardian of Hindu idols and should not teach Bengals how to worship a goddess.
He said the BJP could not impose its views, based on the worship of the gods in Northern India, on people in other parts of the country who had various popular practices over the past 2,000 years.

Mahua Moitra, while speaking to a Bengali news channel on Thursday night, said he acted "as a mature politician" by addressing the issue as the BJP's attempt to "set its Hindutva agenda and put its monolithic views" to other races should. opposed and discussed simultaneously for the sake of the country.

The top Trinamool Congress leader sparked controversy on Tuesday at a press conference by claiming that he has the right to believe that the god "is a god who eats meat and drinks alcohol, as everyone has his name.

"I think I acted like a mature politician. We have long avoided the BJP issue of setting up its own version of Hinduism, based on the established norms of North India. The party should stop forcing it on people in other parts of the country. Who can BJP teach us how to manage Goddess Kali's puja in a certain way? " he said.

"It's not just Lord Ram or Lord Hanuman of BJP. Has the party rented Hindu dharma?" he said.

Recalling how the TMC defeated the BJP in the West Bengal by-elections last year, Mahua Moitra said, "It is a foreign party that tried to force its Hindutva politics but was overthrown by the voters. The BJP should not teach us to worship Maa. Kali. As I am a Kali bhakt (dedicated) , I can worship Kali. We have worshiped the goddess in the same way for the past 2,000 years. " He pointed out that the BJP was behind the controversial speech of its suspended spokesman Nupur Sharma and was trying to disparage Kali's Mahua Moitra's comments, while saying the saffron party would not succeed.

In a series of lawsuits against him, Mahua Moitra stated, "I challenge the relevant BJP governments of these provinces, where fires are registered, to file a court affidavit regarding donations made to the goddess Kali." What are the offerings made to the deity of the Kamakhya Temple? Can the CMs of other BJP-ruled provinces do the same with the offerings made to Maa Kali in the temples there? Is alcohol not part of the Offerings in these temples? I know his strategy will not work, "he said.

The Trinamool Congress leadership, however, distanced itself from a Member of Parliament's speech about Goddess Kali, saying it "strongly does not support Moitra's comments" and may warn him not to make such remarks in the future.

"The comments made by @MahuaMoitra on #IndiaTodayConclaveEast2022 and her views expressed on Goddess Kali were made by her and not approved by the party in any way or in any way. The whole India Trinamool Congress strongly condemns such comments," TMC told Twitter on Tuesday evening.

Asked about this, Mahua Moitra said, "I am a loyal soldier of West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee. If there is a problem, we will solve it within the party. We will not discuss it in public." The West Bengal BJP has demanded the arrest of a Krishnanagar MP for allegedly harassing Hindu religious sentiments with his anti-Semitic remarks.

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