9 Jul 2022

New Earthquake Kills Woman in Manipur, 10 More Injured

A woman was killed and 10 others were seriously injured in a new landslide in southern Manipur in Churachandpur on Friday, officials said. The bodies of other unidentified individuals were also found here on Friday, nine days after a landslide at a railway station in another district where 49 bodies were found under the rubble during a search operation.
A Churachandpur regional official said a 49-year-old woman had died and 10 others, including five women, were seriously injured when a passenger car carrying 12 people crashed into a landslide on Friday.

The incident happened on Tipaimukh Road near National Highway 150 between Santing and Saihuan villages, 50 kilometers from the regional capital. The injured were taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, in Tupul in the Noney region, 12 people, including Territorial Army soldiers, have not been found after the June 30 earthquake, district officials said.

To date, 49 bodies, including 32 Territorial Army soldiers and the rest of the local people and train crew, have been found and the search continues despite bad weather to locate the 12 missing.

"Due to the precarious road conditions, the NH-37 between Tupul and Namduanjang villages was blocked by the Deputy Commissioner for all vehicles, except emergency vehicles.

"Through Wall Radar", as well as search and rescue dogs were deployed to speed up the search as more and more tools were used to exhume bodies from the Ijei River and debris.

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