2 Jul 2022

Justice Only Responsible to the Constitution: Chief Justice

India's Chief Justice NV Ramana on Saturday said the ruling political party believes all government actions have the right to a court order and opposition parties expect the judiciary to advance their political positions and reason but the judiciary only respond to the Constitution. .
Chief Justice Ramana commented at a rally organized by the Association of Indian Americans in San Francisco, US.

"As we celebrate 75 years of Freedom this year and as our Republic celebrates 72 years, I would like to add that we have not yet learned to fully appreciate the roles and responsibilities assigned to the Constitution in each institution," said Chief Justice Ramana.

"The ruling party believes that all government actions have the right to a court order. Opposition parties expect the judiciary to further their political positions and causes.

The CJI went on to say, "The ignorance that is strongly motivated by the general public to assist such forces is the sole purpose of eliminating the only independent organization, namely, the judge. Let me make it clear. We are accountable only to the Constitution and the Constitution. "We need to disseminate information about the roles and responsibilities of individuals and institutions. Democracy is about participation."

Both India and the United States are known for their diversity, says the CJI adding that this diversity needs to be respected and respected, everywhere in the world.

It is because the United States respects and respects diversity, that you have all been able to reach this country and make a mark with your hard work and amazing skills, the CJI told the Indian community there.

He said, "Tolerance and inclusion of American society that can attract world-class talent, which also contributes to its growth. Respect for trained talents from all walks of life is also important to maintain confidence. For all sections of society in the system. , including in India. "

He said we should focus on the things that unite us and not divide us.

"Integration strengthens social cohesion which is the key to peace and progress. We need to focus on the issues that unite us, not the ones that divide us. A method that does not include a disaster invitation. "

CJI Ramana also reminded the audience while living a life of luxury in the USA, their parents and relatives back home in India should also be able to live in a peaceful society free of hatred and violence.

"Please remember. You can be a millionaire and a millionaire. To enjoy your wealth, you need to have peace around you. Your parents at home should also be able to live in a society free of hatred and violence." he said.

A welcoming nation is like all other cultures and open arms, a nation that respects all conditions for progress, peace and prosperity, he said. It is the idea that language is a character that promotes prosperity, adds the CJI.

Indian society in the United States has played a major role in building a modern America, the CJI said. From the beginning, you have changed not only your identity but also the face of this nation. He said the trip happened because of your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.

“Ongoing relations between the people of India and the United States led to a massive trade of $ 113 billion worth of goods by 2021. I am very happy to learn that 50% of Business - to Business Start-Ups. in Silicon Valley founded or sponsored or controlled by Indians.

This big leap will encourage and motivate Indians everywhere, ”the CJI said in a statement.

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