2 Jul 2022

The Tiger Who Killed 5 Turned To Lucknow Zoo, Not To Be Released In The Forest

The "stray" leopard, which killed five people in less than 40 days and was abducted three days ago, has been relocated to the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoo in Lucknow, an official said on Saturday.
The leopard had a physical disability because it could not hunt its own prey in the wild and was thus forced to attack humans like simple animals, said the official, adding that he did not deserve to be released from the wild.

"The missing tiger, which was found to be the cause of recent casualties in the Manjhra Purab forest area, was transferred to Lucknow zoo on Friday night under the supervision of a veterinarian," said Akash Badhawan, Katarniaghat Forestry Officer (DFO). Wildlife Sanctuary, told PTI.

"The leopard arrived at the zoo on Saturday morning safe and sound," he added.

It was taken from the Manjhra Purab forest area in the Dudhwa buffer zone on June 29 night.

Sanjay Kumar Pathak, director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, told PTI that the rotation was done at night as big cats are nocturnal animals.

"The leopard was found to be about nine years old and has a physical disability." , "he said.

Mr Pathak also informed the PTI that when he was seen in captivity in Katarniaghat, experts found it inappropriate to be sent back to the forests.

A leopard killed five people in the Manjhra Purab forest area around the Khiratia village in the past: Mahesh of Dumera village on May 21, Kamlesh of Shahpur Padhuva on May 23, a local Haitian priest Mohan Das on June 17 night, Suraj Singh of Nayapind. -Kairatia on June 23 and Mindar Kaur of Chalatia on June 27.

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