16 Jul 2022

You need a plan to make the criminal justice system more efficient: Chief Justice of India

Of the country's 6.10 lakh prisoners, nearly 80 per cent are under trial, Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said on Saturday, stressing the need to improve the efficiency of the criminal justice system.
"In the criminal justice system, trial is punishment. From indiscriminate arrest to difficulties in obtaining bail, the process leading to long-term incarceration of under-trial prisoners requires urgent attention," he said.

"We need a holistic action plan to increase the efficiency of the administration of the criminal justice system," the Chief Justice of India said at the inaugural meeting of the 18th All India Legal Services Bureau in Jaipur.

Justice Ramana said the prolonged imprisonment of a large number of people without any trial required attention.

But he said the aim should not be limited to allowing the early release of prisoners in court proceedings.

"Rather, we should question the procedures that lead to the imprisonment of large numbers for so long without trial," he said.

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