30 Oct 2022

Chhath Festival: Bihar becomes devotional on Chhath, people observing rituals with enthusiasm

Patna: The entire Bihar, including the capital Patna, has become devotional on account of Chhath, the great festival of public faith, and people are full of enthusiasm and observing rituals with devotion.

People of entire Bihar, including the capital Patna, will offer Arghya to the setting Sun, for which cleanliness, security and other preparations have been completed. From the houses to the ghats, from the streets to the roads... attractive decorations are visible everywhere. 

Police administration is also on alert. Patna administration has launched 'Chhath Puja' mobile application on Thursday for the convenience of devotees and easy access to information.

With regard to Chhath, the songs of Chhath have started resonating in every house of Bihar including the capital Patna. 

Security at every Chhath Ghat: The state government has ordered the district administration to make proper security at every Chhath Ghat. Adequate security forces along with divers have been deployed at major ghats to ensure that no untoward incident takes place. 

Ganga water is being poured in parks and public places: Full attention is being paid to the safety of Ganga Ghats in the capital. Especially, the district administration is trying its best to take care that there is no stampede of any kind. On behalf of Patna Municipal Corporation, Ganga water is being poured in the parks and public places of the city. 

Gangajal is being poured free of cost in both temporary and permanent ponds. Adequate medical arrangements have been made at Chhath Ghats. In case of emergency, the help of an ambulance can be taken.

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