30 Oct 2022

Cool Morning, Dry, Sunny, And Warm Days Over Madhya Pradesh And Maharashtra

New Delhi: The weather of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra has been completely dry for the last week. Minimum temperatures are dropping due to the commencement of dry and cool northerly and Northwesterly winds. 

According to Skymet Weather, iurnal variation in temperatures is very high. For example, the minimum of Umaria in Madhya Pradesh is 12.8 degrees and the maximum temperature is 31.8 degrees, the difference is around 19 degrees.

Minimum in the range of 12 to 14 degrees: Many districts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have recorded a minimum in the range of 12 to 14 degrees however, maximum temperatures are in the range of 31 and 34 degrees. Days are Sunny and warm, however, mornings and nights are cool.

Minimum temperatures may drop further: Skymet Weather scientists said northwesterly winds are expected to continue, and minimum temperatures may drop further leading to the setting up of winters. There may be a gradual decrease in maximum as well by the second week of November.

A fresh Western disturbance is approaching the Western Himalayas by the night of October 31st. This Western Disturbance will be followed by another much stronger Western Disturbance which will give moderate to heavy snowfall. After the passage of the Western Disturbance, icy cold winds from snow-clad mountains of the Western Himalayas will drop the maximums of Central India including Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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