19 Oct 2022

Cricket: Can Pakistan Pull Out Of ICC World Cup In India; Will It Get Support Of Other Countries?


Asian Cricket Council (ACC) chairman and BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Monday said that the Indian team will not tour Pakistan to participate in the 2023 Asia Cup. Hence the tournament will be shifted to any other country outside Pakistan. The Asia Cup was hosted by Pakistan. It hoped that through this tournament it would be able to host the most popular team in the world (Team India) in his home after 15 years. 

This would have made the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) rich and completely removed the tag of being dangerous from its country, but India's decision not to send the team has ruined its hopes.

Pakistan's threat: After this Pakistan has threatened that if India does not send the team for the Asia Cup, then we will not send our team to India for the next ODI World Cup. The Asia Cup is to be held in July-August and the World Cup in October-November. But Pakistan's boycott threat is not likely get any other country’s support.

PCB says it will take hard decisions: Sources close to PCB chairman Ramiz Raja indicated that one of the options that they are mulling after Shah's statement is to pull out of the 50-over ICC World Cup in India. "The PCB is now prepared to take hard decisions and play hard ball because it is also aware that the ICC and ACC events will have to face commercial liabilities and losses if Pakistan does not play India in these multi-team events," a senior PCB source told.

How much force is there in this threat of Pakistan? Even if India does not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, is Pakistan capable enough to boycott the World Cup?

Pakistan's Boycott will not get anyone's support: Team India had to tour Sri Lanka before the Corona Pandemic. The Sri Lankan board had got sponsors for this series, but due to the lockdown, this series could not happen. The BCCI promised the Sri Lankan board that later Team India will definitely go on a tour of Sri Lanka and make up for its losses. The team actually went to Sri Lanka later and came there after playing the series. After this, the Sri Lankan board called BCCI its big brother.

All the cricket playing countries depend financially on BCCI: It is not the only Sri Lankan cricket board that needs the support of BCCI to sustain its existence financially. All the cricket playing countries including Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe depend on India and BCCI to earn a lot through cricket. From one tour of the Indian team, they earn as much as they earn through normal tours in two to three years.

Therefore, if the PCB takes this issue into the politics of the ICC, it will hardly get the support of any other board. Due to the boycott of the ICC tournament, he will also face the threat of being banned.

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