12 Oct 2022

Karnataka: Couple attempts self-immolation in Bengaluru to stop demolition of their house

Bengaluru: In Bengaluru, Karnataka, a couple stood in front of a bulldozer to stop the demolition of their house. The couple threatened municipal officials that they would set themselves on fire if their house was demolished. After this they sprinkled petrol on them. Police and neighbours somehow rescued them.

Demolition drive is going on in Bengaluru: In fact, a demolition drive is going on in Bengaluru these days, in which illegal constructions that block the city's drainage are being demolished. Under this drive, the municipal bulldozer reached for demolition in SR Layout of KR Puram on Wednesday.

People poured water on the couple: The couple named Sona Sen and Sunil Singh stood by the wall of the house and threatened self-immolation by pouring petrol on them. During this, the policemen and neighbours kept requesting the couple not to take any step in a fit of rage.

Sona Sen did not listen to him, and kept sprinkling petrol on her husband and herself from the bottle. She took out the matchstick. Some people standing above poured water on them with buckets. People standing around grabbed the husband and wife and dragged them up. After this the firefighters also showered water on them.

People appealed to suspend demolition: People also appealed to the municipal authorities to stop the demolition of the house for some time. After this the neighbors and the police dragged both of them inside the house. The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

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